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Pressure Point: marijuana

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jonnylmiller  I bee like…


jonnylmiller  I bee like…

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dear ana, i promised you jamie hate-painting but art wasn’t working for me so you have her hate-painting in cartoon form. 
……..well, i think its cute. 


dear ana, i promised you jamie hate-painting but art wasn’t working for me so you have her hate-painting in cartoon form. 

……..well, i think its cute. 

GATISS: To be honest, I put [an explanation of Redbeard] into the first draft of [The Sign of Three], and actually explained it—the reason that Sherlock was behaving like a child was because, once upon a time, he’d fallen for that story that your bunny rabbit has gone to live on a farm somewhere. And then we thought, ‘No, let’s hold it back because we can tease it a bit.’ And we genuinely thought, ‘We can keep this running for years.’ But then actually…

MOFFAT: It’s nice to have resolved it.

GATISS: So the truth is that when he was little — and obviously Mycroft tormented him about it — is that his dog died, and he totally fell for the idea that Redbeard had gone to live in a happy valley somewhere.

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, Empire Online [x]

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Do you know what the even more hilariously sad thing is? John was supposed to think that Sherlock was being sent off somewhere far away, where he could run free and have tons of detecting fun without him… but he was really being sent to his death.

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OMFG Is that why he was so fucking mad about Bluebell?  oh god.. my heart.

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…Oh, hell:

SHERLOCK: Stapleton. I knew I knew your name.

STAPLETON: I doubt it.

SHERLOCK: People say there’s no such thing as coincidence. What dull lives they must lead.

(He holds up his notebook to her on which he has written a single large word: “BLUEBELL”. She stares at it in amazement as Sherlock watches her face closely.)

STAPLETON: Have you been talking to my daughter?

SHERLOCK (putting his notebook away): Why did Bluebell have to die, Doctor Stapleton?

JOHN (bewildered): The rabbit?

SHERLOCK (to Stapleton, as she stares at him blankly): Disappeared from inside a locked hutch, which was always suggestive.

JOHN: The rabbit?

SHERLOCK: Clearly an inside job.        [x]

…So. This is the face of Sherlock when reminded of his most painful childhood pressure point.

That’s not heartwrenching or anything.

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You beautiful creatures.

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Happy together.



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Jeremy Brett. Missed.


Jeremy Brett. Missed.